Dosimeter shipments

Logistics is an essential process for good service functioning. Shipments of dosimeters to customers and their return should enable traceability and follow-up of the same. For this reason centro de dosimetría works in close collaboration with distribution companies at national level in the following aspects:

  • Annual contract with distribution companies
  • Annual revision of rates
  • Shipment coding
  • Database integration enabling follow-up (tracking) of shipment and identification of reason for loss
  • Payment or cancellation of charge due to dosimeter loss, if not attributable to customer and meets the specifications contracted.

Possibility of contracting different shipment modalities as per customer needs:

  • Registered post
  • Courier service by a centro de dosimetría supplier
  • Customer’s courier service
  • Special shipments

Suppliers used bycentro de dosimetría are:

  • Courier service within Iberian Peninsula

Packaging used for these shipments is another essential factor to ensure correct treatment of packages during transport. This is why, centro de dosimetría provides different types of packaging for outgoing and return shipments, differentiating according to customer/shipment typology; all of which are marked with the “No Radiation” symbol.