In the case of people whose work requires assessment of equivalent dose in hands, they can use ring dosimeters, developed and manufactured by cd, and calibrated in terms of Hp(0.07).

We highlight the following functional features:

  • Single use, to eliminate radioactive contamination and increase hygiene.
  • Watertight, the capsule that houses the detectors is welded by ultrasound.
  • Its flat shape and surface facilitates a wide identification (user, month of use and department) that is done by laser engraving.
  • Ergonomics and flexibility of adjustment.
  • Blue the even months and yellow the odd months.

Basic rules of use:

  • The dosimeter is personal and non-transferable.
  • It must be worn throughout the working day and not be taken outside the work centre.
  • It must be placed under any protection used, e.g. lead gloves; and on the hand most exposed to radiation depending on work type and procedures.

The same user may wear more than one ring dosimeter, placing one on each hand. In this case, the right hand dosimeter is identified via an additional yellow sticker.

This kind of dosimeter is particularly appropriate for Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmacy.