The service processes performed in the technical area are:

Dosimeter design and manufacture:

  • New dosimeter start-up
  • Dosimeter recycling.
  • Dosimeter labelling.

Strategic laboratory processes

  • Management with regulator bodies (CSN)
  • Follow-up and update of sector regulations, quality, etc.
  • Ongoing product, process and material research and development
  • Test method follow-up, assessment and control (reading and reports)
  • Dosimeter system calibrations
  • Participation in inter-comparisons
  • Laboratory resource management

Dosimeter testing operational processes

  • Dosimeter reading
  • Daily quality control of readers
  • Incidence filtering in reading
  • Dose calculation and allocation
  • Process control and compliance with daily, monthly plan, etc.
  • Equipment maintenance

Report management: Issuance, revision and record

  • Monthly reports of personal dosimeter
  • Annual individual report of personal dosimeter
  • Annual individual summary of personal dosimeter
  • Processing over-exposures to CSN

Service operation follow-up and incidence resolution

  • Monthly follow-up of dosimeters not received
  • Treatment of dosimeter information loss cases