The testing method used in centro de dosimetria, described in the internal procedure “PRT 5.4.1 Determination of Personal Equivalent Dose”, is based on IEC 62387 (2012) and accredited by ENAC according to the criteria of ISO/IEC 17025. The technical area is responsible for the application of the method, the quality assurance of the test and the issuance of the results reports, determining the equivalent dose by reading the dosimeters assigned to the users.

The laboratory is impartial, independent without pressure from the rest of the organisation, whose capacity is adjusted to the volume of tests performed. It has fully trained staff to carry out their tasks. One of its priorities is ongoing improvement via research and development of their products, likewise controlling and ensuring the efficacy and efficiency of the technical processes carried out.

The technical area is divided into three divisions:

  • The laboratory is a separate room dedicated to performing dosimetric studies (there are no work stations). Access to the room is restricted and environmental conditions controlled as per equipment requirements.
  • The technical personnel located in the physics department are responsible for checking reports and tests.
  • The workshop where operational personnel work is responsible for the equipment and performing manipulations with dosimeters, taking the necessary steps to ensure safety and traceability.