Service rates

  • Service price is standardised as per the following rates:
    • Rates for professionals and small companies from 1 to 10 users/dosimetric controls for one installation and a single invoice.
    • Rates for companies with over 10 users/controls where rate is calculated by number of users per distribution thereof
    • Special rates for non-continuous or temporary services and other casuistics
    • Rates are also provided for courier services which centro de dosimetríamay hire for the dispatch and/or collection of the dosimeter equipment to/from your installation
  • Customers are notified of the rates annually by post or internet.

Service invoicing

  • Service invoicing format adapted to its rendering.
  • An annual invoice is issued which includes forecast of services hired for the year in progress as per attached delivery note, and payment/charge (if appropriate) corresponding to invoicing closure of previous year. The method used to forecast-regularise is based on invoicing of services actually rendered. As this is a continuous service, said system contains the variations occurred throughout the year, albeit in dosimetric control equipment, logistic losses, etc.
  • This invoicing method enables the invoicing process to have minimal impact on the final cost.
  • Invoicing method and conditions of payment are set out on the rate sheets.
  • Possibility of agreeing special invoicing and/or payment conditions with the administration department.