In the case of people whose work requires assessment of equivalent dose in the lens, one of the following two configurations may be used to estimate this dose:

1) Head dosimeters, calibrated at equivalent personal superficial HP(0.07) and deep HP(10) dose.

  • They should be placed on the temple with user’s name visible so the window is at the bottom and closest to the eyes as can be appreciated from the photo.
  • They have the same configuration as the whole body dosimeter and are sent to the user identified in the same way, protected by a transparent polycarbonate case with strap to fit it round the head.
  • They are always white. Blue for even months and yellow for odd months can be seen on the internal plate.

2) The introduction of a new specific dosimeter holder RADCARD EYE-D, is currently being developed and calibrated at equivalent dose in lens HP(3).