Service contracting

Contracting process phases:

1. – Estimate request

  • Use web form “Estimate request”
  • Or “Send us a mail” for us to contact you
  • Or ”Contact us” using the telephone numbers indicated

2. -Service proposal

We will send you an estimate as per rates attaching:

  • Basic technical documentation presenting the service
  • Service registration form

3- Service activation and dosimeter allocation: In the event of being interested in contracting

  • Remit completing the registration form
  • You will be contacted informing you of the registration and conditions of service use
  • Registration will be recorded, the dosimeter supplies allocated and shipped to the work centres via the chosen logistics

4. -Contract update

  • Issuance of service registration certificate
  • Depending on contractor typology an additional contract will be drafted for the registration form
  • The dosimeter supplies and user data will be updated via documented communications to the customer department regarding the amendments required by the contractor or manager assigned during execution thereof