The laboratory has the necessary technical means to perform tests as per customers’ needs and meets the requirements defined by the regulating body (CSN) and STANDARD ISO/IEC 17025.

The TL dosimeter System pieces of equipment are:

  • 5 Automatic thermoluminiscence readers
  • 1 Thermoluminiscence reader handbook dedicated to special assessments
  • 1 Radiation equipment dedicated to quality control processes
  • 2 Furnaces for special heat treatments of TL sensors
  • 1 Nitrogen generator station

The main instruments used for follow-up, checking and maintenance of processes and environmental conditions of the room are:

  • Nitrogen purity analyser
  • PCs and follow-up monitors per reader
  • Independent air conditioning equipment
  • Thermometer, Barometer and Hydrometer
  • Monitor for detecting contamination and environmental radiation measurement.

The tools used for dosimeter coding and traceability are:

  • Bar code readers
  • Etcher and perforator
  • Label printers exclusively for dosimeters

Computer technology based on ERP, Computer System Integrated with the other Personal Dosimetry Service areas, with separate server for reading equipment and security copies, etc.