Dosimetric reports

Monthly report

  • Monthly personal dosimetry report contains the equivalent doses received per installation user.
  • Equivalent calculated allocated doses are included and additional information where necessary, e.g. “dose valuation notes” based on objective criteria regarding legally established limits or the worker’s dosimetric history.

Individual annual report

  • Issuance of an annual individual report per worker and dosimetric control, summarising the monthly results and possible incidents.

Report issuance and dispatch

  • Reports are generally sent by ordinary mail.
  • Additionally at the customer’s behest, they may be accessed online via the cdNET application.
  • One of the mains of centro de dosimetría regarding their environment friendly policy is to improve the functions of this application to reduce dispatch of hard copy reports.

Notification to regulating bodies

centro de dosimetría notifies the data of companies, installations and doses obtained from workers professionally exposed pursuant to requirements established by the regulating bodies of each country:

Regulating body in Spain: Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), as per IT reference CSN/IT/SDP/CDO/03/02 of 15/04/2003.

Regulating bodies in Portugal: Higher Technical Institute/Nuclear and Technological Institute (IST/ITN) andGeneral Health Directorate (DGS), as established in article 21 of DL nº 167/2002 of 18/07/2002.