National Regulations

Royal Decree 1132/90 of 14th September, which establishes basic radiological protection measures for people subjected to medical examinations and treatments (BOE 18/09/1990).

Royal Decree 413/1997 of 21st March regardingoperational protection of outdoor workers with risk of exposure to ionizing radiations due to intervention in a controlled area.(BOE 16/04/1997).

Royal Decree 1841/1997 of 5th December, which establishes Nuclear Medicine Quality Criteria (BOE[i] 19/12/1997).

Royal Decree 1566/1998 of 17th July, which establishes Radiotherapy Quality Criteria (BOE 28/08/1998).

Royal Decree 1976/1999 of 23rd December, which establishes Radiodiagnosis Quality Criteria (BOE 29/12/1999).

Royal Decree 783/2001 of 6th Julywhich approves the Regulations on health protection against ionizing radiations. Effective as of 1st January and abolished R.D. 53/1992 on the same matter (BOE 26/07/2001).

Royal Decree 815/2001 of 13th Julyregarding justification ionizing radiation use on people during medical exposures (BOE 14/07/2001).

Royal Decree 1439/2010 of 5th November, which amends theRegulations on health protection against ionizing radiations approved by Royal Decree 783/2001, of 6th July (BOE 18/11/2010).

[i]BOE – SpanishOfficialGazette